Hi guys and welcome to my blog!

My name’s Jolien, which is a bit like the Dolly Parton song “Jolene” but pronounced in a Dutch way. I’m currently living in Ghent, together with my boyfriend and my tons of books. We’re all very happy together.

Ever since I was a little girl (well actually with my 155 centimeters I still am – but you get the point) I wanted to become a writer. So I did. I wrote grocery lists, diaries and short stories about my pets. As I grew up I couldn’t stop writing. So I wrote some more. More stories, more university papers, and oh let’s not forget about this blog!

On Daisies on Bookshelves I write about all things that make me happy. So prepare yourself for lots of articles about fashion, literature and coffee! Other than that, I’m still studying. After I got my Masters Degree in Communication I started working as a copywriter (didn’t see that one coming, did you ;) ) and now I’m improving my knowledge of languages by studying Languages at the University of Ghent.

So that’s that. I work. I write. I work as a writer. I study. And in my free time you’ll probably see me hanging around with friends at the coffee shop or at the cinema. Or you see me at the airport with my boyfriend, waiting for a new country to discover together.

And you’ll all read about it here. On my blog. Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and hang around. Very happy to have you here!

Lots of love,

– Jolien ♥


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